Hey, you know how back in April I said things were going crazy? Well, ever since that day, that crazy has been on overdrive. It hasn’t been until now (while I’m bedridden on a Sunday morning) that I have any real time to myself. Mind you, it’s not that I mind the crazy. I actually like interacting with customers, dealing with deadlines and delivering on deliverables. Last time I wrote was April, right? Let me give you a rundown of the last six months (we’ve been launching applications on customer’s websites just about every month now, by the way):


Cherry Blossom Festival X Taiko Festival: Great fun, going to Taiko Festival in Berkeley in November


– Prince Concert + Slight loss of hearing couple weeks after : Hearing loss != fun.


-Got myself a Viewsonic gTablet, flew to LA to integrate with a customer also got on google+: Like Facebook, but not.


– Not much actually. Just a lot of hanging out with different people and getting ready for August


– Hawaii, for John and Arlene’s wedding, Boston for another Integration: Awesome (but draining) month.

On the gaming front, I’ve managed to beat a few games, some late, some not so late. I realize it’s been about six months since my last gaming update… let’s see what I’ve done:

ATP to ADP: What do we need?

Aya Brea in Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve c.1998

Well, just recently I’ve finally beaten Parasite Eve. Wait wait! There’s a good reason. Apparently in the Conversion from a PSOne game into a PSP EBoot, the person who did it screwed it up in a way that on the second disc, just before the final fight, one of the cinematics would crash. I was too busy when it first started happening to find another image, but I picked it up again a couple weeks ago, found a proper image, and stuck it to Eve and the Final Boss… finally. So what do I think of it? Given that the graphics haven’t aged well, and that the story isn’t exactly brilliant, I’d still recommend it. I have an uncle who would complain when he saw me playing Final Fantasy VII with: “Why are you letting him hit you?” to which I responded “That’s how the game goes”. This is for those of you who want to have Real-time RPG, and be able to dodge. I actually think the system is quite ingenious. Positioning is everything, and even the final boss fight makes you utilize that fact.
I ended up picking the game up again because I heard The 3rd Birthday is out on PSP :) So now, when I’ve got time, I’m playing through Parasite Eve 2, which I can’t say I’m fond of yet. The controls feel too Resident-Evil x JRPG. Well, more RE than RPG since the first Parasite Eve. I think this is because Square wanted to move away from the RPG feel (but I loved it, and that dress she wore in the first game :D).
The problem with that in Parasite Eve 2 is that Square wanted to make the camera angles dramatic, but there are instances where if you must backtrack these camera angles work against you. Sometimes there will be enemies just hanging out just outside of the camera’s vision, waiting for you to waltz right up to them, other times after you’ve already engaged in battle with the slippery bastards they’ll run (once again) out of the camera’s field of vision. I’m only 2 hours into the game and I’ve already made it a habit to point my gun down an alley to see if something is there, even if I can’t see it (you don’t enter battles unless you’re attacked, or if you deliberately aim at an enemy). Also, the story seems forced, like “Oh by the way, sequel”, not something I particularly enjoy. Well, I haven’t played through the entirety of the game so I’ll check back in then.



Catherine Logo

Yeah. It's pretty creepy.

Also, as you may be able to tell from this post’s title, I beat Catherine. Well I didn’t beat her, but I cleared the main game. There’s a bunch of Challenges which amount to basically going through the levels again at top speed keeping your climbing combo high. The story was practically exactly what was shown in the trailer: Guy has girl, guy gets seduced, all hell breaks loose… kind of. I have to say that if you don’t follow the lips (because it never works out well) the voice acting for the American localization is pretty good. I ended up picking the PS3 version based on very, very slight graphical superiority, but it wasn’t that much better in reality.
I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes platforming, likes not controlling a bumbling idiot who takes a million years to make up his mind, and likes a fairly deterministic game (if you push X Y Z blocks in this direction, A B and C will all happen – with a couple exceptions because of boss “fights”). I hear there are multiple endings but just once is good enough for me, and to be honest the story gets kind of funky near the end.

I’m the goddamn- ooh night vision!

Batman Arkham Asylum

You're all crazy!

So I finally ended up playing this game, thanks to a Steam Sale. It’s good. I mean really good. The controls are 99% of the time spot on, the camera is rarely in the wrong spot and the story… well it could be a little better, but whatever. You know, it was only later that I started using the more advanced counter-y combos because in the early games the minion-type thugs go down with surprising ease. This is a very Metroid-feeling game where you have to backtrack with new equipment and scan everything you can see. The amount of things you can waste time doing rivals that of a grand theft auto game (but not IV… that was just too much). Admittedly I’m biased towards the Dark Knight, but regardless this is an amazing game (even moreso if you happen to find it on sale).


Oh, brb again… life-