I Need an Assistant. Any takers?

Hey Guys. I keep starting posts and getting interrupted! So, a lot has been happening over the past few months, and I figure I should log it somewhere.

  • Got an awesome job
    So I was looking for a job for a while, catching a few leads here and there, but nothing amazing came along. One day, I remembered “Hey, that Monster site was all about jobs…” and I updated my resume on there. Lo and behold, recruiters left and right started calling me asking to come in. Of the prospects that surfaced, two stuck out to me: A search and collaboration development firm for medical professionals called Apixio, which piqued my text-analysis curiosity, and a Social Networking plug-in company called Sociable Labs.  Both positions were for front-end engineers, and both companies had friendly, outgoing contacts. In the end I went with Sociable Labs because I felt I could learn the most there and everyone’s either talking about social media, or on it… talking about social media.  I haven’t been there for long, as you might guess, but in the time I’ve been there, it’s been crazy busy (hence why I haven’t posted in the longest).
  • My six year anniversary with my girlfriend
    So we’ve been together for a long(ish) time and we thought we’d celebrate by going to a Brazilian place called  Espetus. It’s basically a flock of waiters running around with meat on sticks and cutting off a piece if you say the word. Awesome good food. At the time I had just started my new job (coming off of a 3-month non-paid hiatus) so I was still broke. As such this year’s anniversary wasn’t that eventful. Maybe next year we’ll go to some place awesome :)
  • Learning postgreSQL and Java – at this new position, we’re using Java and postgreSQL for back-end operations. Java is a language I’ve started back in University, but haven’t really gotten into the deeper nuances of, leaving it at the level of “C++ but with garbage collection”. Using it as a web application language is a (mostly) new experience, as it’s compiled (welcome back, compiled code) and doesn’t go live immediately. On the plus side, I can get coffee while the code compiles and unit tests hammer away at it. On the minus, bugfixes for critical problems need a code push that takes somewhere in the vicinity of half an hour. For reference, a new PHP file can be uploaded to a regular Apache server and start working immediately. Of course PHP isn’t as fast as compiled language. postgres is interesting in that it has additional advanced constructs (like arrays!) and I’ve been getting more and more used to the queries as I’m actually not that fond of databases. In fact in University I never took courses that directly dealt with databases.
  • I gained a bunch of weight – So the other week (Feb 4th) my Wii Fit told me I was 190lbs. 190! At my height that’s actually obese D: Also, just two *weeks* before that I was 175lbs. I’m pretty sure it’s because I was stressed for the entirety of January and I always went out to eat (with the wifey as well as coworkers) So I started a diet plan of 1210 (later moved up to 1450) calories a day, and it’s two weeks later and I’m at 182 pounds. I’m planning on continuing this until my weight doesn’t move for a week despite the diet. At that point I’ll more actively mix in exercise. Additionally, I got this app for my iPhone called MyFitnessPal that helps me count calories (it’s easy to diet when you have something with you to track all the Mrs. Fields’ cookies your girlfriend makes you eat O_O). So yeah, good progress so far. I am pleased to be less fat.
  • My schedule is *)($#$!ed up. My new job is awesome, and I don’t have to wake up super early, but I *do* usually stay until super late (being 8-9pm) and I get home around 9-9:30 at the latest. That’s not so bad except for the fact that all I have time to do is cook dinner if wifey hasn’t made anything and/or eat whatever dinner is there. The weekends are a little better, but I’m also on call on the weekends, in case one of our clients’ implementations catches fire or something crazy.
  • In gaming : I got a PS3. That being said, fucked up schedule + PS3 = limited good times. Demon’s Souls is NOT as hard as people say it is. I also got a coupon for Just Cause 2 (steam) from my friend for building his computer. Just Cause 2 is an awesome game, by the way. Grapplan, parachutan, but only single-playeran D: Oh, and you can steal jet-liners.

Anyway, I’ve got to get going now. Got to save the world :D Sudo halt<enter>