Recruiting Pro-tip: Name your source

I got an email the other day from a recruiter who claims “I was given your name by the VPE of a company I’m working with”. Rather than be intrigued I was actually turned off because this person decided not to name my friend (if they were even actually referred to me by a friend of mine). Much of getting people to respond to recruiting is about catching interest with real, concrete, information. For example, one recruiter piqued my interest merely because we shared the same Alma mater and mentioned that in the email. Someone else decided to come read this blog and see what I was up to in terms of writing. If you’re going to name-drop to get me to bite, actually name-drop. I’m sure whoever referred me doesn’t mind me knowing they think I’m a good fit for a position somewhere in the wild. And I can’t verify you’re telling the truth if I don’t have information. If it’s not verifiable, you’re getting stuck in the “shotgun recruiting” folder which is another story for another day. In closing: I am- and I’m sure many other engineers are- tired of getting emails to the effect of “I was referred to you and I have an opportunity from a company I can’t disclose but they’re doing really well for themselves and are disrupting the market with $X million in revenue”.

3 Minutes: The art of Language

Remember in the past when we had this class called language arts? Spoken (and even written) language is an art but in the name of mediocrity and the lowest common denominator, people have become accustomed to using short, connotation-less words which, to put it bluntly, sucks. This utilitarian usage of language (in theory) has nothing particularly wrong about it, but I think this points to a larger movement in society where the goal hasn’t been to achieve greatness or improve the world but rather to simply exist, and to “get mine”. “I won’t ever need it” shouldn’t be an excuse to not learn something. What happened to aspiring to be a worldly human being? Oh yeah. #hashtags etc

What a bad year to start GameFly

Quick note: I’m going to try this structured writing block (of 3 minutes, before editing) and we’ll see where it goes :) Ready? Go!

Earlier this year I signed up for Game Fly. I felt there was a backlog of games I didn’t necessarily want to own but wanted to try. The experience is overall good, but I ran into an issue where this fall a bunch of games are coming out that I want to own. Given Game Fly’s current price ($18 or so per month) it didn’t make sense to keep going when I basically wanted to own all of those games (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Fallout 4, etc). I think that’s kind of the major flaw for Game Fly is that in an ecosystem with a lot of good games that are worth the money, Game Fly doesn’t make sense. I’ve tried using it for shorter games and beating them in a week but unless you’re really rigorous with scheduling it just isn’t feasible (see: reviewing games). I switched over to trying the games for a week and if I liked them enough, buying them but that also meant that with shipping times I’d only be able to go through two games a month, and at $8.50 a game (per month, assuming I stayed in the 1-week time window), the cost was just too high, especially compared with the analogous service I get from Netflix. To close it off, I think Game Fly is a good service for content that you’re not likely to revisit and is shorter (< 15h) in nature. I really wanted to stay on but at basically $18/month I could use the money better.

You would not *believe* the number of draft posts I have under the hood

It’s kind of ridiculous actually. Mostly because sometimes I just want to write about topics which are inflammatory or the post material is prime grounds for rants and other long-winded passages. I noticed it’s been a year and a half since my last published post and I don’t want to let this thing die D:

In order to keep content flowing into here, I’m planning to center posts more around technology, travelling and programming, as there’s definitely a lot to talk about there. Also going to try my hand at remaking the templates using Polymer because… new tech! Things are coming… I swear :3

On dream adventures

I just had an interesting scene play out in a dream and I stumbled out of bed to record some of it. Here goes:

Started off in a bar-house type thing. I was sitting on a wall, opposite a small staircase. I can’t remember if it was at this point or a little later on that I met this girl, but let’s just put it here, so I don’t forget.

She’s a brunette. I think. Long, straight hair. Wears glasses, around 5’4″, probably 120 lbs-ish. Wearing one of those awful (non-hoodie, non-zipup) sweatshirts in a maroon color. I think it had some yellow lettering on the front (so like a USC sweatshirt?). I need to give her a name otherwise this is going to get weird. I can’t quite pin down what name would fit her, but let’s try running with “Michelle”.

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First things I did when I unboxed my Nexus 5 (and impressions vs the Nexus 4)

I should preface this with the little bit of background: When moving to the Nexus 5 I wanted to create a clean slate, much like re-installing your OS and getting rid of the files you thought you cared about but you don’t really.

  • Backed up and loaded my SMS messages with SMS Backup & Restore
  • Opted back in to Google Now (I like my cards, dammit)
  • Downloaded selected set of applications (the usual players: Facebook, ES File Explorer, Fitbit, Humble Indie Bundle…)
  • Organized my screens – Still a bit annoyed that your home screen is the second element in the list of screens (as opposed to, say, the middle one) Read More »

So, smaller posts, more of them..

…isn’t that similar to Valve’s approach to Half-Life 2?

So earlier this year I switched from the Samsung Focus S that my friend Jonathan won and gave to me to a Nexus 4, and as any good user I backed up the media from the phone on to my desktop. Yesterday I found that folder and started looking through it because I was trying to get rid of the awkward jeans shots and all-black shots O_o

As I flip through the pictures I notice that I’ve taken a lot of pictures in 2012… That being said: over the next few weeks I’m going to post the year of 2012 from the lens of my ridiculously light (ex) Windows Phone.

It’ll be fun. Promise ;)

On Semantic HTML

I’m not going to reason *why* we should be using semantic HTML as that’s been covered by everyone on internet twice over, I’m just going to present a case:

Ladies, Gents, etc: The difference between old school HTML (c.1993) and semantic HTML when needing to select something using jQuery (if it were straight up CSS I might be SoL):




Do the world a favor: Add descriptive classes, use things like <footer>, <header>, <ul> and for crying out loud don’t use tables unless you have tabular data (and even then it can be argued against!)


Summer heat

Soooo…. Summer is over-ish (it never really happens in San Francisco) and I finally caught some time to type down some words… On my phone. 2012 so far has been an eventful year and there’s still more to come!

Of note in the past half year that I didn’t post:

– I went to New York for the first time ever with my girlfriend, then went back a few weeks later for work.

– I helped a friend of mine set up her new place just north of market street in the financial district.

– My company shipped me to Michigan and Texas to help our clients integrate our awesome products into their sites.

– I saw the Zelda: Symphony of the goddess performed in San Diego, California with an old friend of mine (and we spent both nights we were there getting hammered :D)

– I took my first non-family trip to Las Vegas and had just about the time of my life there.

– Attended the IPL Faceoff event in San Francisco, California

– Went to the renovated California Adventure  + Disneyland;  saw the “World of Color” show for the first time

…sooo. I started writing this post three months ago and kept adding to it because more things kept coming up before I could flesh anything out. So I decided I’m just going to post what I have now and continue making new posts because seriously, when have I ever been able to keep up with life? One day I’ll fill in details with pretty pictures, but for now, this is all I have.

A Two Day Valentine’s Day Adventure

So a lot has been happening (of course). Because I work in a start up and I’m embroiled in projects 110% of the time, I find it rare to have time to myself which translates to two things:

  1. I haven’t been to the doctor in just about forever
  2. I haven’t brought my car to a mechanic for a check up in just about… forever

Now I believe very much that a car is a living breathing organism (or at the very least that it emulates one very well). Like my body, my car can throw interrupts when something is wrong and when that something gets really bad, it slows down then stops moving all together. A couple days ago (Valentine’s Day 2012) I was leaving work at around 18:00… because that’s early in startup land. I planned to go to a local grocery, pick up some flowers and chocolates and head home and pick up my loving girlfriend so we could go out for some dinner. As I pulled out of the company’s garage, I noticed that the power delivery of the throttle was a lot lower than in the morning. As I pulled onto the main road, the car started shaking and power was almost non-existent. I freaked out, and pulled off on the first street, hoping it was just a fluke.

I ended up going around the whole block and decided that I wasn’t going to take the risk of trying to bring my beloved car onto the freeway in its current condition. Symptoms were:

  1. Random violent shaking under any sort of throttle (sometimes it would be perfectly smooth)
  2. Massive loss of power
  3. Sputtering Noise

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